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How to achieve goals if you are lazy

Hello there!

I know how you feel! I clearly understand! I can feel your difficulty getting out of bed or sofa...... I know. I know because I am in it too!

What I mean is that I do have a lot of good purposes for my daily routine. I want to wake up early, to eat healthy, to go jogging consistently…. all those good stuffs, but the reality is that it is always so difficult to start.

Yeah, starting is the main problem for everything that requires energy. And technically it is not a surprise. It is true also in physics, where the energy required to put an object into movement is higher that the energy to keep that moving. The object acquire inertia and then everything seems easier.

Think about a car, a broken one…. that car you must push along the street. When it is stationary, it is very difficult to make it move, but once you started the movement is much easier to keep it.

I have a tip for you, and it will make everything easier for you.

Change your system so that start an effort is easier.

It can be quite an abstract concept, here I give you some examples to better understand it.

Want to eat healthy? 🍎

If you want to eat healthy, you should just start avoiding buying non healthy food. Surround yourself and your environment with positive stimuli to eat healthy food, make it impossible to have at your fingertips unhealthy food.

This will always help you because it makes more difficult to eat junk food and it brings you to a lifestyle improvement.

Want to go jogging consistently? 🏃

If you always find excuses not to do physical activity, start by making easy for you to wear your running shoes. Put them beside your bed, make sure that they are the first object that you see in the morning, the easiest to wear when you jump out of bed.

This will incentivize you to do sports and you will feel much facilitated in that because it will require you less energy and time to make the first step.

Want to read more books? 📚

Let us start with buying books consistently and keeping them under your eyes every day. You should make it easy to start reading, and this can be achieved by putting the book near your favorite sofa or armchair. Keep it ready wherever you spend time relaxing and it will be way easier to start reading.

My suggestion

These three examples are only the most common situation in my personal experience. Make every difficult behavior easier, so that starting it will be less stressful and traumatic.

This reasoning is based on a more general concept which privileges the creation of good systems rather than thinking only about good results.

If you want to achieve a goal or result, you must plan how to get the job done, and this necessarily requires a process. It can be long or short, complex or simple, but some steps are always required. So, why not to make every possible step easier?

This reminds me an illuminating quote that says:

Your achievements are only the result of a process, so if you want to achieve great results, love the process, not the result.

This does not mean to lose the focus on the goal, the opposite! If you make your process easier, it will bring you to the result you want much easier, making you enjoy the path and not just the result.

Simplify every step to the very minimum basis, eliminate everything which is unnecessary.

Make it so easy that start doing things will be easier than doing nothing.

This will make your life more enjoyable, in every aspect. I do it every time I can!

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