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I've been accepted for a PhD at King's College London

Hello my friends!

I’ve been accepted for a PhD at King’s College in London starting this year and this marks an impressive turning point for me, my life and this YouTube channel.

First of all, I’m moving to London. Despite all the problems given by the COVID pandemic, I’m planning everything to move to the UK and start a new chapter of my life there. It will be an extraordinary experience for at least two reasons: I’ll be studying in one of the most prestigious colleges in the world and I’ll be living in one of the most amazing cities I could ever imagine. Moreover this will be my first experience as an offsite student because I’ve always lived in the house in which I grew up with my parents.

This experience will definitely not be easy because I’ll have to deal with a lot of new things, starting from managing my time as a PhD student and conciliate all of that with the need of taking care of my new accommodation.

In addition to that, I’ll have a scholarship salary which is not particularly high, so I’ll have to manage my personal finances very well in order to make it out in a so expensive city.

All these aspects are the basis of my new activity on my Youtube channel because I want to share with you my experience, the problem I’ll face, the solution I’ll find, many interesting considerations I’ll come up to during the years in this PhD and many other things.

I’ll belong to the KCL Centre for Doctoral Training in Data-Driven Health, which is a new CDT that focuses its energy in projects aimed at improving medical research through mathematical and statistical approaches such as Artificial Intelligence.

This is the most interesting thing that brought me to apply and finally to be awarded with a 3 years scholarship. I’ll be part of a group of about 15 other students, everyone with his own project, and together we will form a very interesting and heterogeneous research group there.

I want to live this adventure with the freedom to make interesting things happen to me and exposing myself to new life experiences.

So, let’s see what will come out and enjoy with me this impressive new mission.

Bye Bye!

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