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Look at who imitates you, even in the smallest things

Everyone takes inspiration by people around them to live their life and make decisions. It's a matter of imitating those we respect and admire trying to become at least a bit like them.

Happens all the time with famous actors and sports star; they set trends and guide how many people behave, what they buy, and even how they think.

Let's reverse this phenomenon and focus instead on those people that do the same with us. I personally recall multiple times when I imitated some of the behaviour of my friends, and some time when they imitated me. And I paid attention to that, I tried to understand what they were imitating, and why.

It's not a simple matter, but it can be a good indication to recognize the people on which we have influence and that, in a way or another, respect and admire us enough to introduce a bit of us in themselves.

I have been imitated even in minimal things, like way of saying and simple gestures. It's not about the relevance of that thing, but instead on the very idea that someone wanted to imitate me.

I encourage everyone to pay attention to this kind of things and to what people imitate of you.

Even more! Try to find a way to make other imitate you, not because of the importance they give to you, but because if people want to imitate you, it means that you are giving them something valuable and interesting to do, or even to be.

This could be a metric measure of how good you are doing in the world. If you are influencing others to be more like you, it's possible that you are being better than them in at least something and this inspiration is an effective way of influencing people.

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