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Remote everywhere

Today I went to the Denmark Hill campus of King's for an event of my doctoral school, and this is quite far both from my home and my usual offices. I arrived here just to realize that I got the wrong date, and the event was not planned for today; I then decided to stay here a couple of hours to work instead of moving back home.

I was in the main hall of an unknown building, a well-lighted room full of tables, chairs, sofas and even a piano. I sat on one of the sofas, made myself comfortable and fired up my laptop.

I started managing some urgent emails, analyzing some data for one of our data science studies, conducted an online Skype call with a colleague in another country and finally planned a few important meetings for my work. Those are the same things that I do every day but today my office was my sitting spot, not even the table. I just needed my laptop, a plug to charge it and my headset to have some privacy in my call. That's it!

For the first time ever, I started to understand the meaning of "Digital Nomad" and how much is possible today thank to technology and internet connection. I could do everything from a random room, in a random building, in a random borough of London. Incredible!

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