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Sit down, goddamnit, and write!

One of the simplest advices I received in my life is, paraphrasing:

When you are sad, or angry, or resentful, start writing what you think and what is that all about.... write in detail, the more detail the better. This will help you to overcome your feelings and go back to a better state.

Well, the past few weeks have been strange, and exactly before starting writing this post, I was listening to an interview in which the host reminded this advice. It was a curious coincidence to have the blog open and the speaker telling to write. Anyway....

Why to write what we feel and how we think? He certainly knows better than me, but I'll try to explain why it seems useful to me.

First, it obliges you to think through events and your feelings again, with more calm, and with more depth. This helps a lot to overcome the impulsive thinking that happens when something goes wrong or when we are not predisposed to handle events. Especially useful as the impulsive thinking are often misleading and altered by the situations, do not consider many factors that could otherwise help you handling better difficulties and unpleasant events.

Moreover, it is an excellent exercise of articulation and helps to have better formed thoughts in your mind. This is useful to then leverage the power of your words and your intellect when it comes to talking to others, confront people with whom you had troubles or those who are at the centre of the problems you are having.

Finally, it is the first step of sharing your personal problems with someone. We should be careful to how we choose with whom to share our most personal thoughts, problems and good or unwelcome news, and writing can be a simple, yet effective, way of sharing things with no one. This helps to break the ice in the process that will lead you to someone and have a deeper and useful conversation to eventually solve the problem, or the situation.

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