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Who is the alpha?

This post is not about being "alpha" just to enjoying being so.

It is about understanding whether we are alphas or not.

And it is for our own comprehension of every situation we might find ourselves in.

When meeting people, especially when we don't know those we are meeting, there is always a feeling of nervousness.

It is that chemical reaction that bring ourselves to be prepared to deal with someone.

The point is that this status is not constant and strictly depends on the environment. Sometimes we are alphas, and sometimes we are not.

And again, it is not about taking advantage of that situation, it is also a matter of satisfying the expectations of those in front of us.

If we are alpha, they expect us to give a certain contribution. If we are not, the expectation is completely different.

In a context in which we want to satisfy those expectations is important to quickly understand whether we are the alphas or not.....and when.

I steal words to one of my favourites writers

When you meet someone and YOU feel nervous, he is the alpha When you meet someone and HE feels nervous, you are the alpha Simon Sinek

At work it happened many times to fall in one of the two situations. Sometimes it happens to be surrounded by peers.

And it is not a matter of seniority or competences. Every situation is different, even with the same people.

When working with my professors, it happened to feel nervous, meaning that they were the alphas of the situation.

In the same situations, however, it happened that the relationship flipped and for some studies and tasks I didn't fell nervous at all, becoming to be the alpha of the situation.

Knowing and understanding who is the alpha in every situation, in every moment, is a very useful hint that will help you behave at best and perform at your best in every situation.

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